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"Slow living. Slow down to live better. In a tiny tiny place a big heart project was born.
Cultivating daily pleasures by restarting to appreciate small thing is Minoop’s purpose. And what’s more familiar than your own house? We want to give you wellness by curing your homes.
How? By designing, furnishing, and offering a proposal of products that will make you feel comfortable, and bringing people together. We clean out houses from useless things, and then we fill them with what is truly valuable to the person."

Home Style, Slow Life

+ a shop of nordic style furnitures and objects for your home, and body care products +
+ a team of girl designers +
+ a small coworking +
+ creative workshops, with a hand made inspiration +

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The logo and the corporate image

Minoop is based on a simple but refined idea: create a beautiful place where you can feel home. Few elements, chosen carefully. An iconic logo, that can be easily adapted to many different declinations. The original team was composed by 3 girls with different design skills, represented by 3 triangles faced down: the feminine symbol. The circle is the primordial symbol of harmony and recalls the shape of our home, the Earth. By working on these 3 shapes, a cat face came out of the blue . Cats are the perfect domestic pets and, according to some theories, they balance the house energy by absorbing the negative ones. Also, the Italian standard name for a cat is Minù, which sounds very similar to Minoop, making the brand stronger and easier to remember.

  • Client: Minoop
  • Date: February 2019
  • Tag: Branding / Product Design
Officine e Bottega Minoop
Officine e Bottega Minoop
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Minoop window stickers